When you run your own business, it’s easy to lock yourself away (especially when busy) and not see the light of day for days on end. But I promise, you’ve got to get out the house sometimes. Honestly. It will make you feel better. It may even inspire some creative thinking or enable you to focus better if you normally work from home.

If you’re a freelancer who lives in North Hertfordshire, these are my top 5 recommended places to get out the house and go and work from.

Letchworth Centre of Healthy Living – Nourish Wholefood Cafe

Bright, refreshing and inspiring. Personally I find the Nourish Wholefood Cafe at the Letchworth Centre of Healthy Living a great place to work because it’s lovely and light. For me this helps when I’m having to concentrate on intricate things on my computer. It’s also got a great menu. Healthy and light, it’s a great match for its surroundings.

Broadway Gallery Café Bar

An asset to Letchworth both in terms of value for the residents and making it a destination for Art in Hertfordshire. Friendly staff, good music, natural light and plug sockets. Can’t ask for more really can you? What’s nice as well, is when you need a break from your work, you can have a wander around the exhibitions.

Hitchin Coffee Lab

I stumbled across Hitchin Coffee Lab last year when I saw some live music there. I checked it out again this year when I became freelance again. There are great drinks on offer and there are often others working on their laptops which I find can give it a bit of a co-working feel. They also usually have good music and I enjoy the independent feel of the cafe.

North Hertfordshire Museum

This was recommended to me in a local freelancing group. It’s been a long time coming but reasonable food prices and a central location mean this has become a good place to work from when you need a change of scenery.

Your Local Library

Yes, they still exist! If you’re fed up with working from home but the idea of spending money on drinks doesn’t appeal, this is for you. I recently visited Letchworth Library and rediscovered my love of browsing all the books. I signed up immediately and took two out. In an ideal world, they would have been on business, but I’m not going to lie, they were on Greece and Japan. But still, there is access to so many free resources as well as a lovely quiet space to work in.

Where do you work when you’re fed up working from home or want a change from the office? Has anyone else got anywhere they could recommend?

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