Start up with Sophie Cycling
By / May 10, 2019

5 Reasons You Should Get Fit When Starting Up Your Own Business

You may have noticed from my social media feed that I like to run. I like to run and I like to swim. This week I did 4 runs each...

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start up business desk
By / March 29, 2019

The four best types of people to start a business

This blog is about the people I have worked with that have generally been most successful in starting their own business. If you aren’t in this list, do not fear!...

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Blog book
By startupwithsophie / March 2, 2019

Welcome Hertfordshire to Start up With Sophie

50% of start ups fail in the first five year, 25% in the first year ( I wanted to be honest straight away, this isn’t the easy option, but it’s one of...

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