Journal Your Success: A Founder’s Guide To Starting Your Own Business

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This isn’t a reading book, though it has lots of useful advice and important insights, this is a book about action.

Journal Your Success requires you to do some work. Whether it’s planning your marketing strategy, mapping out your customer journey or analysing your financial forecasting, this book makes business planning simple and engaging.

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Are you ready to start your own business?

Starting your own business can be overwhelming and confusing. Without preparation, planning, adaptability and determination, many businesses fail within their first year. By using this book to guide you through the most important aspects of running your own business you can avoid some of the common pitfalls and put yourself in the best position for success.

Inspired by my work over the years with people starting their own businesses, Journal Your Success is filled with exercises for business planning and business development. It takes activities and questions from some of my most popular sessions and guides you through the common hurdles and challenges of launching your own venture.

The book is designed as a creative space to test your ideas and formulate a plan, while learning critical business basics.

Whether you are kickstarting your new business or need help focusing and adapting your current one, this book is for you.

5 reviews for Journal Your Success: A Founder’s Guide To Starting Your Own Business

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Received my book on Friday. Spent the weekend working through some of the activities. Easy to understand but also given me lots to work on as I develop my business. Looking forward to completing the rest.

  2. Katherine

    I was given this book as a present from my son. I am really pleased with it – great design, structure and knowledge. It is entertaining and comprehensive with lots of ideas that I had not already considered, especially involving website design.

  3. Andrea (verified owner)

    A really great prompt with lots of useful information. It’s also got lovely little touches, like a space to put your first receipt. I’m really looking forward to working through it and it will be a wonderful keepsake to look back on. Really recommend.

  4. Debbie Davison (verified owner)

    This journal is AMAZING!! And is a must have for anyone thinking of starting a business or if you have just started on your business journey. I bought this book as a gift, however as a business owner of an established business, I still loved this journal and would have absolutely loved something like this to help me on my way. It would have been so valuable in helping me to organise and focus my thoughts, and prepared me much better than any info I gained here and there from Google! Having the fabulous structure, tips and advice all in one place, in addition to being a journal to scribble in, would have been a blessing! The recipient of the book was so excited when they received it and absolutely loved it, she can’t wait to get starting planning her business and it’s given her that much need place to start which was something that felt incredibly daunting to her.

    I can’t recommend this book any higher.

  5. Gill Evans (verified owner)

    Whether you’re just starting a business or, like me, looking to recapture the enthusiasm you had at the beginning – this is the book for you. It leads you along without waffle and answers questions you hadn’t even thought to ask ! I’ve loved reading Sophie’s book !

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