Start Up Business Programme

Start up with Sophie runs a start-up business programme based in Hertfordshire. The programme aims to help individuals to develop their ideas into start-up businesses.  The format of the programme involves 12 hour long sessions. Ideally this takes place over a period of 12 weeks, however, can be adapted to suit your business needs. This includes key topics such as sales, marketing and financial planning.

At the end of the 12 sessions you will have produced a business plan with all the foundations for a successful business. You can then go and grow it into a sustainable venture.

Examples of sessions:

start up services

Your business plan should be a live document, not one that is ever completed. These 12 sessions will enable you to have the key skills to continue to build on each of these items. 

All you need in the first instance is a business idea and the passion to develop this further.  No previous business experience is needed as I can help to guide you through the process of setting up your own business.

Past the initial stages of starting up and looking to grow your business?

If you feel you are further along with your business, please do email me to see how else I can help your business develop.

I also specialise in developing entrepreneurial skills within existing organisations to aid innovation, accountability and leadership so do contact me if this is something you wish to explore for your business.

Want to find out more?

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If you'd like to discuss starting your business, please get in touch here.